All papers related to the conference topics are welcome to submit. Topics include (but are not limited to) the following areas:

1. Fabrication and Manufacture of Lightweight Materials;

2. Design and Manufacture of Lightweight Components and Structures;

3. Topology Optimization and Manufacturing;

4. Additive Manufacturing Technology;

5. Plastic Forming Technology;

6. Joining Technology for Similar and Dissimilar Materials;

7. Tool Design and Manufacturing for the Production of Lightweight Materials and Components;

8. Special Processing Technology;

9.OtherInnovative Material Processing and Manufacturing Technologies.

The editorial board will recommend outstanding papers for publication in International Journal of Lightweight Materials and Manufacture (IJLMM) and grant LMM 2023 International Conference Outstanding Paper Award to the 5 most outstanding papers.

Full Paper Submisson


Full Paper Submission Deadline: 30 September, 2023

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